Vastu Consultant

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For the clients who have a desire for a Vastu compliant house, we have Vastu consultant in Jaipur to help you in structuring your house that will bless you and the ground on which your house stands. The entire placements of rooms and spaces are done in synchronization with the Vastu facts. With years of interior designing experience, our Vastu experts in Jaipur has designed and built many structures according to the Vastu principles.

• Right Direction- The positioning of a building has a dramatic impact on the quality of life of its residents. Vastu house facing east gives the best benefits to the health and success of the residents as the sun’s energy is extremely nourishing. Our Vastu architecture brings about fortunate effects such as good health, wealth, and contentment. Improperly oriented houses can only bring the negativities like fear, poverty, lack of success, poor health etc.

• Right placement of rooms- Another strong aspect of the natural law which states that the sun has differing qualities of energy. Therefore, the placement of the rooms is done as per this law only so that all the rooms can get the appropriate quality of the sun. While constructing the entire house, Vastu for the kitchen, home, toilet, bathroom and bedroom is calculated to bring the best for you, your family and your business.

Apart from positioning the main areas, position and location of doors, stairs, and beds are also done in accordance with the correct energy flows. With our fresh and innovative interpretation, we are using traditional science to give you the perfect place to live and work. You will find a mix of natural elements in our Vastu house designs that will have all the natural yet modern stone steps and walls, pebbled courts, concrete ceilings, floors contrast, Italian marble, fine furniture and much more. The entire work is planned and carried out by our expertise that has in- depth knowledge of designing a piece of architecture from a rigid program. They will give you various Vastu tips for home, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom etc. to create a harmony with Earth and Cosmic energies. So hurry up and Take the advantage of holistic Vastu architect and designers to get your home designed in such a way that it enhances the spiritual, emotional and psychological quality of your daily experience. If you have any Vastu questions, feel free to meet our Vastu advisor.